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Our most Popular Rental: Honda CRF 250cc fuel injected 6 speed manual 1,500php
Our most Popular Rental: Honda CRF 250cc fuel injected 6 speed manual 1,500php
Our most Popular Rental: Honda CRF 250cc fuel injected 6 speed manual 1,500php

We offer a Wide Range of Motorcycles and Scooters For Rent in Bohol! Hey Joe Motorcycle Rentals has Automatic, Manual and Off-Road Motorcycles and scooters for rent in Bohol! Lowest rates on all types of motorcycle rentals.

Welcome to Hey Joe Bohol Motorcycle Rentals! πŸ™‚

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We are a first-class motorcycle abd scooter rental shop, conveniently located in Tagbilaran East Road, Montana, Baclayon, Bohol, Philippines. The founder, Tim, his wife and his dedicated team provide personal, friendly service, offer rich insights into the best roads to ride, sights to see and the most famous places to visit while touring Bohol.
We strive to ensure you return home with only the best of motorcycling memories in Bohol.
Hey Joe diverse rental fleet of over 80 motorcycles to choose from, is impeccably maintained and inspected before each ride, and you are given a complete overview of your bike prior to departure.

We rent out the most affordable and reliable Motorcycles anywhere in Bohol, Philippines.
Rent a New model Honda or Yamaha automatic, semi-automatic or manual shift motorcycle for your next vacation here in Bohol, Philippines.
We offer short and long term rentals, so Book your rental online today.

Motorcycle Riding Tips For a Safe Holiday With Us Here in Bohol, Philippines.

To enjoy a trouble-free vacation while renting a motorbike or scooter in Bohol, here are 10 basic tips:

2. Don’t speed (Expect the unexpected while driving here, Drive slow and defensively)
3. Make sure you wear shoes and a shirt (Flip-Flops and Sandals are not shoes)
4. Check your lights (a lot of rental companies will rent you a motorbike with no lights)
5. Make sure you have updated registration papers with your motorcycle at all times! IMPORTANT.
6. Make sure the motorcycle has good tires.
7. Make sure the motorcycle has not been altered in any way (Loud Mufflers are illegal here)!!!
8. Carry a map of Bohol (If you don’t have one? we will provide one for you)
9. Make sure you and your passenger wear helmets AT ALL TIMES! And never ride more than 2 passengers on a motorcycle.
10. Make sure the motorcycle has gas (Most Rental Agencies will rent you a motorbike with an empty gas tank) beware. We rent motorcycles with FULL TANKS! Please return the motorcycle with a FULL tank πŸ™‚
These are just some basic things to make your Bohol Vacation more safe and enjoyable..Tim!!!