Requirements upon renting a bike.


Date:   ___________________

Name: ____________________________

Contact No. ________________________

Emergency Name: ____________________________

Emergency Contact No. ________________________

Driver’s License No and Date of Expiration: __________________

Passport No. and Date of Expiration: _______________________

Country: ______________________

Check in Place : _________________

Email add: _____________________


Motorbike No. ____________

Engine No. _______________

Chassis No._______________

kilometers: ___________________

Plate Number: ____________


  1. Motorbike has full tank of gasoline when taken it should be returned with a full tank of gasoline , in case the renter hasn’t filled up the gasoline tank, he/ she must be charge up to (200 pesos) for the SCOOTERS, XRM, HONDA WAVE, XR 150 UP TO 500.00 Pesos.
  2. Renter is liable for any damages and for all accident that might happen upon renting the motor bike.
  3. Renter is liable for LOSS of the said motorbike and he/she must pay for the purchase amount of the motorbike.
  4. Renter must pay the agreed amount upon taking the rental bike.
  5. If renter will extend he/she will pay the remaining balance upon return
  6. Renter should inform HEY JOE MOTOR BIKE RENTAL staff that he/she want to extend the rental days.
  7. A photo copy will be made of his/her passport and drivers licence upon renting the motorbike, or any valid document i.ds
  8. Renter must have a valid Driver’s License, or motor bike license and 18 years old and above.
  9. Note: Philippine law requires Helmets for each driver/passenger with a maximum of two people per motor bike, as well the driver/passenger is required to wear shoes, pants, and short sleeve or long sleeve shirt while operating the motor bike.
  10. Note: The maximum motor bike insurance allowed in the Philippines is Third Party which covers up to 100,000p medical only if the renter is not at fault. 

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