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Honda CRF 250cc fuel injected 6 speed manual 1,500php CRF 150ccFI front and rear disk brakes.5 speed trail bike for rent in Bohol and cebu 1000php per day Honda XR 150cc Trail Bike - 750 PHP Per Day 2018 Yamaha 150cc SZ Touring Bike - 750 per day YAMAHA YBR 125CC 700PHP Per Day Yamaha Aerox 155cc Automatic 900 php per day Honda Click 150cc FI- 800 PHP Per Day honda click for rent in bohol Yamaha Mio 125cc - 450 PHP Per Day Honda Beat 110cc FI - 550 PHP Per Day honda scoopy for rent in bohol rent a Honda XRM in Bohol 2018 honda xrm FUEL INJECTED Honda Wave 125cc – 450 PHP Per Day

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Honda Scoopy 110cc Fully Automatic.

Honda Wave 125cc Semi-Automatic.

Honda CRF 150cc 6 Speed Manual

Honda CRF 250cc 6 Speed Manual

Honda XR 150cc Trail Bike Manual Shift.

Honda YBR 125cc Trail Bike Manual Shift.

Yamaha Aerox 155cc Fully Automatic

Honda Click 150cc FI Fully Automatic

Honda Click 125cc Fully Automatic.

Honda XRM 125cc Semi-Automatic.

Yamaha Mio 115cc Fully Automatic.

Honda Beat 110cc Fully Automatic

2018 Honda XRM 125cc FUEL INJECTED

2018 Yamaha SZ touring bike150cc FUEL INJECTED

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